Federal Government

Ensure reliable access for federal government workers while reducing costs and ensuring data security

Citrix solutions for networking, virtualization, and application acceleration help federal government agencies do more with less.

We connect workers and citizens to the apps and data they need to enhance experiences and simplify outcomes.

Healthcare and Veteran Affairs

Enable reliable connections for mobile clinicians and case workers. With rapid information access, workers can become more productive and efficient. Our solutions also enable lower costs via better network performance. All while ensuring the security needed to protect patient data, meet compliance standards, and achieve “meaningful use” status.

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Finance and Internal Revenue Service

Keep citizen information safe with reliable security solutions. Ensure rapid disaster recovery for better peace of mind—and enable seamless cloud connectivity to increase agility. Our solutions can help make processes more convenient for taxpayers with consumer-like, self-service applications that work across devices.

Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Department of Homeland Security

Protect responders and those they serve with better information sharing and faster network performance. And enhance visibility for dispatchers and other staff. Our solutions help increase situational awareness for agents in the field and ensure connectivity. Plus, we deliver the security you need to keep sensitive data safe, no matter where it goes.

Justice System

Connect courts, corrections facilities, and public safety officials with reliable mobility solutions. Expedite the judicial process with simplified access to case files and management applications. Easily provide resources and classes to inmates and parolees. And do it all with security technologies that enable federal justice system employees to work from anywhere without risk.


Deliver the secure remote access that State Department employees need to do their jobs, wherever, whenever, on any device. We help ensure optimized performance and comprehensive protection, no matter where they go. Plus, safeguard against disaster with backup and recovery while you reduce IT overhead through automation.


Centralize and virtualize IT so that workers can remotely access distributed assets. Provision applications and updates instantly across all your devices. Optimize your network and enable self-service access to information that riders and staff require. We’re ready to help you navigate shrinking budgets and increasing demand.

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Department of Defense

Improve mission responsiveness, decrease costs, enhance information exchange, and more with our solutions for networking, cloud connectivity, and file sharing. Empower field agents and headquarters workers with real-time visibility and collaboration. Our security solutions can help you thwart cyberattackers and enable you to safely consume public cloud resources.

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